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Industry Credentials

A high school diploma is an essential step toward meaningful participation in the modern economy. Increasingly, though, a diploma alone isn’t enough.

Working with educational, economic and workforce development leaders across the country, Graduation Alliance has taken an active leadership role in the national movement to help more Americans improve their job prospects.

While many Graduation Alliance students go on to college and trade schools, others want — or need — to get to work right away. It’s for this reason that Graduation Alliance offers Industry Credentials pathways to help students get right to work upon — and often even before – graduation.

These training sequences focus on giving students the basic skills and knowledge they need to compete for jobs in in-demand industries with credentials in areas such as caregiving, manufacturing, logistics, construction and workplace hazard prevention.

These opportunities are made available to Graduation Alliance students through partnering school districts, workforce development boards, non-profits and community colleges across the nation, putting students on the path to enter the workforce a step ahead, with increased opportunities for hiring, pay and promotion.

We continually work toward expanding our Industry-Recognized Credentials portfolio to ensure a solid career starting point for our students. In doing so, we’re helping ensure that not only do more Americans have the educational background they need to enter the workforce, but the skills and experience they need to get hired, maintain a job, and become promotable.

Here are some examples of Industry Credentials we have available to offer to your students, the community, or your employees:


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