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Employment Pathways

Students engaged in Graduation Alliance’s programs often lack the connections it takes to get “a foot in the door.”

That’s why Graduation Alliance has built employment pathways that offer students and graduates of our programs — and especially those who have earned one of our industry credentials — priority consideration by employers across the nation.

From national trendsetters in staffing services to regional leaders in caregiving, employers who partner with Graduation Alliance know that the students we send them for employment consideration are smart, tenacious and hard-working, and have demonstrated a mastery of entry-level skills. Such partnerships save human resource time and money, offer increased opportunities to diversify a workforce, and give deserving individuals the opportunities that many others take for granted.

Graduation Alliance Students:
The GA Career Services Department has partnerships and relationships with employers to help you in your job search! If there are questions regarding these positions, reach out to: Career Services

Please note that many of these positions will require a drug screen, background check and age requirement or work permit.


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