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Platform Investigation Update

Graduation Alliance (GA) recently identified an unauthorized intrusion into a software testing environment that was used by GA to produce a college and career exploration and planning system for two customers. After detecting this activity and shutting down the environment, we immediately brought in an outside forensic firm to assist GA in conducting a thorough investigation.

The investigation was successfully completed and confirmed that no student data was viewed or accessed by any unauthorized persons during this recent attack on the testing environment. The investigation concluded that no student data was accessed, stolen or viewed by those who were attempting to deploy ransomware. No public-facing websites or systems were affected in this incident.

We are grateful for the diligent and swift actions that our team took to intercept this attack. Protecting the privacy and security of our students and customers’ information is a top priority. As we move forward, we will continue to look for opportunities to enhance our cybersecurity and data protection strategy.
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