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Enrollment Optimization

Graduation Alliance’s Enrollment Optimization Services boost enrollment and retention. We support enrollment teams by providing an extra layer of outreach to learners, ensuring they have the resources and guidance needed to enroll for the first time, re-enroll for the upcoming semester, or return after stopping out of their programs.

We work with colleges and universities — public and private — to increase enrollments in both degree-seeking and non-credit programs.

How Do Enrollment Optimization Services Increase Enrollment?

Graduation Alliance has been working with at-risk learners for more than 15 years, and we’ve become re-engagement experts through our work locating students who stopped attending school.

Enrollment Optimization Services are an extension of this expertise, which uses a four-week multi-channel outreach strategy to contact prospects, students, and stopouts. We work with our partners to craft targeted messaging that guides their audience to enrollment step by step.

Enrollment Outreach Diagram

In addition to outreach, we also survey learners on their educational plans. Partners receive valuable insights on:

  • Financial concerns
  • Changes in degree interest
  • Competing schools
  • Competing schools

What Makes Enrollment Optimization Services Different?

Graduation Alliance doesn’t wait for things to happen. We make them happen.

Our team proactively reaches out to students to help them enroll rather than waiting for learners to call in. Our services are also scalable to serve institutions of any size.

Proactive Outreach
Most companies run call centers and handle large volumes of inbound calls — these are also typically tech support lines like help desk support. Similarly, other companies manage inbound calls to admissions and enrollment, but not outbound calls for student support.

Graduation Alliance proactively reaches out to students to help them enroll rather than waiting for students to call in for help.

Tailored Support
Large outsourcing or SaaS companies offer large-scale services but do not tailor their support to small campaigns with extremely targeted outreach. Small volume isn’t attractive to most vendors, but a small number of enrollments can make a big difference for an institution.

Graduation Alliance recognizes this and provides a scalable solution. We offer targeted outreach to groups ranging from hundreds to thousands of contacts.

“Graduation Alliance’s staff has blended seamlessly with our staff to help learners enroll and gather valuable insight into student preferences and behavior. This partnership has allowed us to offer personalized support to thousands of students in various stages of the enrollment process that we wouldn’t have been able to reach otherwise, resulting in 770 enrollments this spring. Thank you, Graduation Alliance!”

Gloria Smith | Vice Provost Workforce Education, Dallas College

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