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Adult Diploma Pathway Partnership

Thirty-seven million U.S. adults1 didn’t graduate from high school. Many of them want to continue their education through workforce training or a college degree, but they lack the education they need to do so. Adult Diploma Pathway provides colleges and universities with a pipeline of motivated learners.

How Does Adult Diploma Pathway Work?

Adult Diploma Pathway enables adults who leave high school without graduating to earn their diplomas through a college or university. Institutions of higher learning can partner with Graduation Alliance for high school course instruction and then confer diplomas through our accredited high school, The American Academy, or their institution, allowing them to:

  • Increase enrollment
  • Build a new revenue line
  • Create a pipeline of learners
  • Make a positive social impact

What Makes Adult Diploma Pathway Different?

Graduation Alliance helps colleges provide learners in their areas with an additional educational opportunity to help them gain the credentials they need to enroll in a higher education or workforce training program. We have helped more than 8,700 adults earn their high school diplomas through our online high school completion program.

Unlike many adult education programs, Graduation Alliance is 100% online, allowing students to complete coursework anytime and anywhere. They graduate with an accredited high school diploma, not a high school equivalency diploma, that is accepted by colleges and universities, the U.S. military, and employers.

  • Competency-based high school education that focuses on student outcomes and workforce preparedness
  • Dedicated teachers, Academic Coaches, and 24/7 virtual tutors to provide students with the support they need to navigate any academic or life challenges that come their way
  • Pay-for-performance funding model that guarantees colleges will only be billed for students who are making academic progress; no upfront cost

  1. CensusScope: States Ranked by Percent of Population 25 and Over Without a High School Diploma

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