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About Graduation Alliance

Today in the US, there are more than 31 million adults and 5 million high school-aged youth who left school without a diploma. These individuals are arguably the most disenfranchised in our nation with extraordinarily high rates of joblessness, homelessness, and complex life issues.

In partnership with educators, government agencies, and community leaders across the nation, Graduation Alliance serves these high-risk students, both youth and adults. We provide students the opportunity and support they need to earn an accredited high school diploma, acquire essential career, life, and job skills, and pursue post-secondary certification and degree programs through our post-secondary pathways.

The hallmark of Graduation Alliance programs is the intensive human support students receive during their time with us. The barriers at-risk students face typically result from “life issues” and have little relation to individual abilities or skills. Whether battling chronic health issues, struggling to support a family as head of the household, or suffering debilitating social anxiety, the students we serve need flexibility of time and place. Our recipe for success includes setting clear expectations for pace and progress while providing students with 360 degrees of support, including proactive academic interventions, local advocacy to address life barriers, 24/7 tutoring, and dedicated math assistance.

While earning a high school diploma has repeatedly been shown to be a transformational factor in both social and economic outcomes, the high school diploma is only a milestone in our students’ journey to lifelong success. That’s why we provide a career services team to help students prepare for their transition to what comes next, whether that is employment or additional training, and partnerships with institutions to provide pathways for students to further their education and broaden their career opportunities.


  • Click here for the Graduation Alliance Course List. These courses are aligned to Florida B.E.S.T standards and approved for use in FL VIP program.
  • To learn more about Graduation Alliance’s curriculum philosophy, curriculum development and revision process, etc, please review our Curriculum Overview.
  • Graduation Alliance is proud to offer NCAA-approved courses for aspiring collegiate athletes. View a complete list of the NCAA approved courses.

School Policies and Procedures

Graduation Alliance customizes a Policies and Operations Handbook for each partnering school district. Click below for standard policies, including:

Instructional Personnel

  • View the certification status and physical locations of Administrative Personnel and Instructional Staff certification and qualifications.
  • Students have access to academic support from 9 am to 9 pm Eastern Time, Monday through Friday year round, with the exception of federal holidays, the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, and December 24 and 31. Teachers may hold office hours and students may arrange a mutually convenient time for individualized sessions with their teachers outside of these hours. Additionally, students have access to professional tutors for core subjects 24x7x361.
  • View the average student:teacher ratios for core and elective courses here.

Performance Data

  • Completion and promotion rates by subgroup are available here.
  • At this time, the Graduation Alliance program has only supported those students who have been coded as an official dropout. Student performance results of students who are in dropout retrieval programs serving students who have officially been designated as dropouts may not be included in an alternative school’s school improvement rating per F.S.1008.341(3)(b). Therefore, no grade or accountability rating is applied to Graduation Alliance’s program.
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