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Social & Emotional Learning


We help teachers, counselors, administrators and parents see students who are in danger of academic struggles — long before traditional at-risk indicators appear.

Teachers are often very good at identifying students who are in need of additional attention, but every classroom has a student, and sometimes a few, who are simply hard to read. And sometimes those students don’t even know there is something wrong in their life — until it’s too late.

Graduation Alliance’s Social and Emotional Learning tool, ScholarCentric, leverages more than 20 years of research on student resilience to break resiliency down into malleable skills that can be measured and developed within every student.

Further longitudinal research, correlating student performance on ScholarCentric’s Resiliency Assessment with academic performance over time, has demonstrated the ability to predict which students are most likely to become at risk — up to three years ahead of the acute symptoms students demonstrate before dropping out.

But these tools don’t just help students who are, or will become, at-risk. They can also help identify students who can achieve at greater heights if only provided the right “soft skills” to do so. And the variety and depth of ScholarCentric’s resiliency data sets — from aggregate site trend data to individual student profile data — allows school teams to efficiently target tiered SEL interventions, and measure the impact of those interventions over time.

From our ScholarCentric social and emotional learning intervention program — comprised of curriculum material for grades 6 and up, as well as pre- and post-assessments for elementary through high school — to our college and career readiness supplements, Graduation Alliance is helping ensure students have the soft skills they need to set and achieve goals, demonstrate empathy for others, maintain positive relationships, and make responsible decisions. That, in turn, makes them more hirable and promotable — no matter what career they pursue.

“This has opened my eyes to the needs of the students. They need strategies for dealing with stress and for setting goals for themselves. The program has really shown me that these needs are real, and that I can help.”

Julie | Teacher Broward County Schools, Florida

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