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Solutions To Help
Students Succeed

Graduation Alliance offers several solutions to help inform and identify at-risk students, improve education outcomes and create pathways beyond graduation.

The evidence is clear: when students can connect the dots between their academic studies and longer-term life goals, their motivation and likelihood of persistence increases. But absent a reasonable, informed vision for life after high school — and what it will take to get there — the importance of their education can often become lost.

Graduation Alliance’s portfolio of solutions includes:

  • ScholarCentric, a leading social and emotional learning tool used help support disengaged students and pinpoint, among successful students, those whose life and academic challenges may cause them to become at-risk in the near future.
  • AdvancePath, a college and career readiness platform designed to help every student align their interests and aptitudes to a post-secondary pathway. Whether it’s going to college, a trade school, or a living-wage job in a stable industry, having a plan is what leads to success.

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