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College & Career Readiness

When it comes to getting to graduation — and feeling confident about what comes next — a plan is a powerful thing.

Yet most high school students who are within a year of graduation still don’t have a good idea of what they want to do after they earn their diploma. Worse yet, the lack of a positive vision of the future can impact a student’s ability to even reach high school graduation.

That’s why we created AdvancePath, a college and career readiness platform that helps students align their interest and aptitude to a career that’s right for them.

AdvancePath works great for students who are headed to four-year universities—we’ve helped lots of students gain admission at some of the best schools in the country—but that’s not the only way we measure success. We want every student to feel confident they have a path to a successful future.

AdvancePath’s tools help students identify and explore multiple post-secondary paths, and offer the academic and financial planning support to help them decide what’s right for them — and take the steps they need to:

  • Earn certifications and credentials for in-demand careers
  • Evaluate vocational training programs and costs
  • Complete an associate’s degree
  • Take a community college path to a four-year university
  • Research public, private and online college options
  • Attend a four-year university

AdvancePath introduces students to careers that are in-demand and growing. It helps them complete university, community college or trade school applications. It shows them where to go to get financial aid. And it gives teachers, parents, administrators and counselors the power to see where individual students, and cohorts, are in the process.

With content built specifically to help at-risk students succeed — and a students-first mission that allows for the lowest per-pupil cost in the industry — AdvancePath has become the college and career planning tool for districts across the nation.

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