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Higher Education

Earning a high school diploma is not a final destination for a student — it’s just the beginning.

Graduation Alliance was founded on a passion to ensure every high school-aged student who could not or would not return to a traditional high school had an alternative pathway to graduation. That passion and success expanded our organization to be able to help adults earn their diplomas.

Many graduates of our programs want to continue on with post-secondary education to gain the knowledge and skills they need to increase their career potential.

We understand the job market is ever-changing, and post-secondary education — whether it’s a certificate program, 2-year degree, 4-year degree, or postgraduate program — is essential in today’s job market. At Graduation Alliance, higher education means expanding access to quality degree programs, improving a student’s ability to excel in their course work, and ensuring on-time degree completion — all while being transparent about student outcomes.

Pathway To Degree

Thirty-seven million U.S. adults1 didn’t graduate from high school, and many of them want to go on to college. The only thing standing in their way is a diploma.

While there are a variety of GED and adult diploma programs available, few of them pave a direct path to a college degree. Through our unique Pathway to a Degree program, we partner with colleges and universities to provide a route for students to finish high school online for free and continue on to post-secondary education.

Our team works to recruit and retain students by:

  • Marketing to adult prospects who want to pursue post-secondary education
  • Assessing qualifications to ensure students meet admissions guidelines
  • Providing academic coaching to monitor pace and process while ensuring students stay on track to graduation — from high school and through college
  • Supporting students with 24/7 online tutors

To qualify for this program, students must be interested in pursuing a degree after they earn their diploma. In return, students receive a conditional offer of acceptance into our partner school. This unique opportunity allows schools to target millions of students who wouldn’t have otherwise qualified for higher education.

Registration Recovery

Our Registration Recovery services expand college enrollment teams and employ a multi-channel outreach strategy to boost enrollment. We provide an extra layer of support for teams and valuable insight on student behavior to ensure every student has the resources and guidance they need to enroll for the first time or re-enroll for the upcoming semester. Additionally, we provide support to workforce programs with non-degree-seeking students.

We specialize in outreach to:

  • Incoming students who need to complete any part of the registration process
  • Current students who haven’t enrolled in the next term
  • Former students who are eligible to return

Our primary goals are to increase your admissions while sustaining your mission and improving your graduation rate. Because we understand not every outreach will lead to a conversion, we prompt every student to answer a questionnaire about their decision not to enroll. You’ll receive valuable insight on:

  • Financial concerns
  • Changes in degree interest
  • Competing schools
  • Reasons for selecting another school

As a partner, we’re transparent on our progress and results and provide weekly reports that include:

  • Per student contact results and progression through outreach strategy
  • Student questionnaire responses from those who don’t plan on returning
  • Enrollment data and outcomes

“When COVID-19 hit last spring, we were able to get very specific information through surveys and outreach from Graduation Alliance about students who were deciding to step out for a semester. … By having that information, we were able to retarget those students and help them identify their concerns. … We were able to look and see how we could resolve some of those issues with help from funds we had available or be able to help by offering services.”

Rashad Smith | University of Southern Indiana, Registration Recovery partner

  1. CensusScope: States Ranked by Percent of Population 25 and Over Without a High School Diploma

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