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EOC Test Prep

Build Confidence in Your Test-Takers for End-of-Course Exams

High school exit exams can have a negative long-term impact on academically struggling, minority, and low-income students. Our EOC test preparation program helps level the playing field by providing your students in grades 9-12 — especially those who are at-risk or have failed these exams in the past — with the strategies and confidence they need to pass their end-of-course exams.

About Our EOC Exam Preparation Program

Our program’s only focus is end-of-course exam preparation.

Our course, EOC Test Prep: Mastery Essentials, is subject-specific. Programs for English, math, science, and social studies prepare students for the test by exposing them to test items and strategies so they understand how course concepts translate into exam questions.

We use a relational approach to tutoring — students meet with the same tutor for every session — to build motivation and trust in the week(s) leading up to end-of-course tests.

It promotes equity by providing at-risk and disadvantaged students with the same great test-taking strategies and preparation that typically require self-pay.

Graduation Alliance’s outcomes-based funding approach allows districts to expand their offerings and pay for student success.

How We Help Students Prep for Their EOC Test

Our EOC exam preparation program is made up of 20 Power Sessions and can be delivered at the time and place that works best for you and your students. Each student also receives a Personalized Practice Plan tailored to their challenge areas that they can complete on their own time to further strengthen their test-taking skills for end-of-course exams.

  • Power Sessions are delivered in a hybrid (students in person, tutors online) environment.
  • Power Sessions can be delivered for two hours a day for five days or two hours a week for five weeks.

In addition to the Power Sessions and Personalized Practice Plan, we provide a Test Prep Toolkit to assist you in driving student attendance, including:

  • A Testing Barriers Assessment for students
  • A communication package for students and parents
  • Training for district staff

For more information about how we can help your students prepare for EOC exams, please fill out our Request for Information Form.

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