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Dropout Recovery

Graduation Alliance surrounds students with 360 degrees of support in order to remove even the most substantial obstacles that stand in the way of a high school diploma.


Not every student benefits equally from the traditional brick-and-mortar model of education,1 and school leaders understand that there’s no one-size-fits-all model of education. That’s why hundreds of state and local secondary school leaders partner with Graduation Alliance to implement Dropout Recovery, Credit Recovery and Accrual, and Alternative Programming solutions.

We provide a research-based approach to alternative education which is holistic in nature, pairing time and place flexibility with the social-emotional supports that many at-risk and non-traditional students require in order to stay on track for graduation and successfully transition to life after high school.

Our Alternative Education programs are turn-key solutions that deliver comprehensive student support and real-time visibility of student progress— allowing educators to focus their limited time and resources on other important initiatives.

Graduation Alliance’s Dropout/Credit Recovery solutions include:

  • The technology and internet access required to bridge the digital divide. Wireless-enabled laptops allow students to work on their classes at any time and from anywhere.
  • Comprehensive support, delivered through proactive online and in-person mentors to help keep students on track to graduation.
  • Over 100 courses including NCAA approved core curriculum, career ready life skills, industry credentials and more.
  • Highly-qualified teachers who are licensed in the student’s state and tutors who are available 24/7, allowing students to get help whenever they need it.
  • Student resiliency assessments and development programs to help promote the growth of vital non-cognitive skills.2
  • A FERPA-compliant academic monitoring system that permits a real-time review of the progress being made by individuals or specific groups of students

Across the nation in a diverse spectrum of communities, Graduation Alliance has demonstrated that when students get the support they need, even those facing the most substantial life obstacles can earn a high school diploma and graduate fully prepared for what comes next.

“I was able to teach myself self-discipline.”

Stephanie was working two jobs when a re-enrollment counselor contacted her about getting back on the path to graduation. There was no way for her to return to a traditional school schedule, but the program — which offered online courses supported by 24-7 tutoring and a personal academic coach — offered the flexibility she needed to try again.

Stephanie said she struggled for a bit with the demands of the program, which requires students to stay on task in order to maintain enrollment. Her biggest challenge, she said, was procrastination.

“It was hard,” she said, “but I was able to teach myself self-discipline and get stuff done on time.”

Now that she has graduated, Stephanie is back to school again: Pursuing an associate’s degree in business.

Stephanie | Graduate

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“Lana overcame difficult life situations; this is her inspiring story!”

Lana graduated high school and college because of her Graduation Alliance opportunity.
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