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Attendance Recovery

Our team of re-engagement experts has a track record of finding students who cannot or will not return to school — and helping them get back on a path to graduation. Now, we’re offering an innovative attendance recovery program called ENGAGE as an additional safety net for school districts challenged with keeping students engaged in school.

Students might be disengaged or struggling right now for many reasons. Ninety-two percent of K-5 parents are concerned about their child’s progress in reading in math, and 89% of students grades 6-12 are at risk of failing at least one course. Even those who were successful in their classes before COVID-19 may be struggling.

Our team offers personalized support to help disengaged or struggling students overcome barriers to engagement to stabilize and improve attendance, grades, and graduation rates.

ENGAGE starts with a multi-modal outreach strategy to contact referred students and their families and offer them the opportunity to work with an academic coach throughout the program. The coach provides support for academic achievement, navigating academic resources (regardless of learning modality), and mitigating a multitude of barriers to engagement, such as work and family commitments.

  • Identify and mitigate obstacles preventing engagement
  • Learn new skills to succeed regardless of the learning modality
  • Continue their educational journey and progress toward graduation

Each student will be assigned to an RTI-based Ongoing Support Level using a triage risk assessment. Our Academic Success Coaches engage with students and their families based on their support level, which ranges from general outreach to intensive support.

Read more about how the COVID-19 pandemic created a superclass of at-risk students and what we can do about it in this whitepaper.

“There is no one net alone that is ever enough. The opportunity to fall between the spaces is further reduced. That’s what ENGAGE helped us do.”

Crystal Ybarra | Santa Fe Chief Officer for Equity, Diversity, and Engagement

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