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Alternative Education


The Graduation Alliance Academy model is an innovative partnership with school districts which leverages the power of online curriculum specifically developed for at-risk students.

Built on research and experience, these brick-and-mortar schools are designed to give students the daily attention and social-emotional support they need to get to graduation with their cohorts.

Students enter a technology-rich environment supported by teachers who have been specially trained to work with at-risk learners. Each Academy operates as a School District program (not a charter school) and every student receives an Individual Learning Pathway and graduation plan based on state and district requirements for earning their diploma.

The Graduation Alliance Academy partnership is a powerful solution for School Districts leaders who recognize that students who have abandoned their education before graduation require new ways of learning. Each Academy is built upon a vibrant foundation of core values that makes it possible for every student, regardless of their history, to “learn to learn again,” and see high school graduation as an achievable goal.

Our academies are based on 20 years of operational experience and include:

  • Personalized support
  • Research-based curriculum and NCAA approved core classes
  • Flexible blended learning models of education
  • Support structures designed to help learners make career goals
  • A focus on developing accountability
  • Resilience training

These attributes result in tremendously improved attendance, significantly lower rates of behavioral problems, and a substantially increased pace of credit attainment.

“I had some attendance issues due to unusual circumstances, but Graduation Alliance has let me get past that and work at my own pace. Thanks to the Academy, I found my inspiration and graduated early. I feel like I can do anything I set my mind to.”

Tazlina F. | Graduate

“The Academy became like family to me… an amazing network of teachers and students who cared. They prepared me for college and life. I even graduated early.”

Amasia D. | Graduate

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