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Student Spotlight: Joshalyn W.

  • Diana Kanzler
  • July 18, 2023

Joshalyn W. headshot

Some students can’t finish school due to factors beyond their control. Joshalyn was only 16 years old when she was diagnosed with lupus and became too ill to attend school.

“I ended up dropping out,” Joshalyn said. “So over the years after that, I tried different programs, and they just didn’t work for me.”

More than 10 years after she left high school as a teenager, Joshalyn found a program that gave her the flexibility and support she needed to earn her high school diploma. The Indiana Workforce Diploma Program allowed her to finish the credits she needed to graduate from high school in less than a year!

“For me, what didn’t work with the other schools is you had to actually go in and be on a set schedule and things like that, and I just couldn’t commit to that,” Joshalyn said. “But with the Indiana Workforce Diploma Program, I was able to work at my own pace. I was still dedicated to it, but I could work at my own pace, so that helped a lot.”

Joshalyn has been trying to get her diploma since she left school as a teenager, and she has never taken the value of a high school education for granted. She has been wanting to finish for so many years because it would help her get ahead in life.

“The way the world is set up now is hard,” Joshalyn said. “It’s like without an education, it’s ten times harder, so I just knew that’s what I had to do for me.”

Now that she has graduated from high school, Joshalyn said, “it’s just like a weight off your shoulders.” She’s also proud of herself for accomplishing “something major.” Now, she’s exploring career options and colleges.

“I’m looking at different colleges that I want to attend, but I just haven’t enrolled quite yet because I just want to make sure it’s something I’m really wanting to do,” she said.

Currently, Joshalyn is planning to train to become a pharmacy technician because it’s an in-demand career that she can enter with less than a year of training.

“I think once I’m able to start a career, I’ll really feel more advanced and better,” Joshalyn said. “Knowing I can make more money with my diploma means a lot.”