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Student Spotlight: Javontae C.

  • Diana Kanzler
  • June 22, 2023

Javontae Campbell headshot

Javontae didn’t have a support system when he was a teenager and felt like he was being forced out of high school. During his senior year, he dropped out.

“I left high school because I didn’t have anybody watching over me like that, and it was kind of hard to do it by myself, so I just went to work and started doing other things like investing and stuff,” Javontae said. “But now I’m trying to get my diploma so I can become a broker or a mechanical engineer. Maybe both.”

Five years after leaving high school, Javontae made it to graduation with help from the Michigan 23+ Adult Diploma and Training Program. While he’d tried other programs in the past, this program provided him with just the right amount of flexibility and support he needed to obtain his diploma.

“I was just looking for free educational programs and then I found this one, and it told me I could get my diploma from home and all I needed was my computer,” Javontae said. “I was trying to get my diploma as quick as possible, and I did. I only needed to take six classes.”

Less than four months after enrolling, Javontae graduated from high school. His goal was to graduate as fast as possible, but he learned a lot during his time with Michigan 23+. Financial Math made the biggest impact on him, and he has started budgeting thanks to the financial literacy tools he learned in class.

“I did like the support team,” Javontae said in regard to his Academic Coach, teachers, and virtual tutors. “They were always there when I needed them.”

Now that he has his high school diploma in hand, Javontae is planning to enroll in a technical college to get started on his career in mechanical engineering. He then plans to transfer to a four-year institution or enroll in an apprenticeship program.

“I’m more confident. I feel more confident,” Javontae said. “Graduating changed my mindset of actually wanting to go to college. Now I do want to go to college!”