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Student Spotlight: Michael R.

  • Joanna
  • October 25, 2022

At only 21, Michael had already experienced the hardships of not having a high school diploma such as “not being able to take certain positions with employers, not being able to attend college, and thoughts of failure.”

After a quick Google search, Michael found out about the Central Plains Degree Completion Program and immediately enrolled. Three months later, he became a high school graduate.

He said that the program’s flexibility made it easy for him to complete the credits he needed to get his diploma while working and caring for his 1-year-old child. Within a few weeks of graduating, he enrolled in college.

“I’m currently enrolled in Butler Community College to get my business management degree. … In two more weeks, I’ll be done with my first semester,” Michael said. “My goal is to obtain my degree, find a job that I want to be successful in for the rest of my life, and make my family proud.”

Michael is currently working in property management and said that he would like to stay in the field, move up in the industry, and find a good company to work for.

“I think that finding positions or working with a reputable company will not be hard because I do have that diploma I can show,” Michael said.

Michael recognizes that everyone goes through difficult times. He wants students who are struggling to know that it is okay to ask for help or extensions or anything they need to get their coursework done. He said the most important thing is to not leave anything unfinished.

“If you put your mind to it, you’ll finish it,” Michael said. “I had 7 credits to finish, and I did it in 3 months!”