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Student, Parent, and Administrator Portal

  • Joanna
  • November 29, 2021

The Graduation Alliance portal is a one-stop-shop for students enrolled in a Graduation Alliance program. Every student has access to the portal, making it easy for them to:

  • Check their grades and feedback on assignments
  • Complete coursework and view upcoming assignments
  • Connect with their support team
  • View their progress toward graduation

No textbooks or physical course materials are required for Graduation Alliance online courses. The only other place students need to go as part of the Graduation Alliance program is their Graduation Alliance Gmail account, which can be used to send and receive messages from their support team. However, many students prefer communicating via text or phone rather than email, and we do our best to accommodate every student’s preference.

Parents also have a unique view of the portal so they can check on their student’s grades and progress.

We also have portal access for school administrators, which allows your team to view how the program is doing overall and check in on any of your students.

As an administrator, you have a high-level overview of your program’s stats, including:

  • Number of enrollments and graduates
  • Graduate projections
  • Credit earned rate
  • And more!

Admin Dashboard Example
An example of enrollment data found in the administrator dashboard

You can also check in on individual students in your Graduation Alliance program and view everything from progress reports to their communications with their support teams. This information is helpful to school counselors and teachers who like to check in with students who are participating in the Graduation Alliance program.

Transparency is key to a successful online dropout recovery program, and Graduation Alliance provides all the information you need to confidently partner with us.

For more information about bringing a Graduation Alliance dropout recovery program to your school, please fill out our request for information form.