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Adult diploma program celebrates first anniversary and 200 graduates

  • Joanna
  • October 7, 2021

HOLYROON, Kan., Oct. 7, 2021 — The Central Plains Diploma Completion Program, an online high school program for Kansas adults, celebrated more than 200 graduates during its first year of operation and is currently educating almost 400 students.

“In just one year, more than 200 Kansas adults have taken an important step toward a brighter future,” Central Plains Unified School District Superintendent Greg Clark said. “By earning their high school diplomas, these students have increased their job prospects, earning potentials, and self-esteem. Congratulations to all of our graduates!”

In partnership with Graduation Alliance, Central Plains Unified School District provides Kansas adults with the opportunity to finish high school online for free. Students complete their coursework on their own schedule with help from experienced teachers and an individualized support team.

“This program is unique because we not only pave the pathway to graduation, but we also provide the support team students need to keep moving forward when things get tough,” Clark said. “Every student is different, so our team takes time getting to know each student so we can serve them in the best way possible.”

Unlike a traditional high school, Graduation Alliance courses are designed for students who are juggling multiple priorities. Students have four weeks to complete each class 100% online and can work through the coursework at their own pace. No textbooks or other physical resources are required.

“Adult learners don’t have as much time to dedicate to their studies as traditional students,” Clark said. “By offering classes online, students can earn credits at any time and from anywhere, allowing them to balance other priorities like family and full-time work.”

Tyson B., a 2021 graduate, searched for an adult education program that would work with his schedule for years to no avail. He started to view his high school diploma as a barrier he would never overcome — until he learned about the Central Plains Diploma Completion Program.

“It was greatly amazing to be able to do everything at home and at my own pace,” Tyson said. “It was easier than it would have been to do it all on a specific schedule.… I’m looking forward to moving past what I thought was my barrier and pushing myself further than I ever thought I could go.”

To qualify for this program, applicants must be Kansas residents aged 20 or older, have completed at least some of 10th grade, have access to an internet-enabled computer, and have not completed a GED. For more information or to apply for enrollment, visit