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‘I worked nights and weekends to get it done’

  • Joanna
  • September 29, 2021

The first graduate of the Indiana Workforce Diploma program didn’t know she was a trailblazer.

Jamie had enrolled in the free, accredited, online program after learning that a high school credential she’d earned a long time ago wasn’t from an accredited school.

“It was a shock, for sure, and a real setback,” she said.

But as Jamie searched for a new job, she knew it wasn’t going to do her any good to lament what had happened in the past, “so I just got to work.” 

An internet search brought her to the workforce diploma program. Within days, she was enrolled.

It was a lot of work. Jamie needed to complete nearly 20 classes to earn her diploma, “so I wrote myself a letter every day about what I was going to get done that day, and I worked nights and weekends to get it done.”

She took classes in geometry, algebra, digital literacy, government and more. Along the way, she even earned a workforce skills certificate in logistics. 

Shortly after finishing her courses, Jamie learned she was the first student in the state to earn the new workforce diploma.

“That was honestly a surprise,” she said. 

It felt good to learn she was a pioneer — but not as good as it felt to tell her three kids.

“They’re so proud of me,” she said. “It was a little uncomfortable to have to tell them at first that I had to go back to school for my real diploma, but once they saw how driven I was, they understood.” 

When life hands you a setback, Jamie said, you can complain about it or you can get to work. “And I just chose to get to work.” 


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