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Solutions for Every Student

  • Joanna
  • September 7, 2021

Students are behind — now more than ever. This school year is key to helping them continue onward. By partnering with Graduation Alliance, you’ll customize your offerings and provide regular, consistent, and empathetic support.

Expand Your Options and Resources

Graduation Alliance gives you options for your toolkit, including:

  • State-approved accredited online curriculum
  • Certified, highly qualified teachers who engage with students and provide written feedback on assignments
  • 24/7 online tutors
  • Local Advocates who meet with students one-on-one to ensure social-emotional wellbeing
  • Dedicated Academic Success Coaches who monitor pace and progress for each student
  • Re-engagement experts who locate and re-enroll hard-to-find students

Our Curriculum

Cognia Accreditation Quality Matters ACE Credit

Graduation Alliance is regionally accredited by Cognia, which validates the credits and diploma earned through our organization. In 2021, based on the review of Cognia’s trained evaluators, Cognia awarded Graduation Alliance an Index of Educational Quality of 374.69 (out of 400). The Cognia Institution Network’s five-year average is just 278.34 – 283.33.

Led by experienced teachers, our classes are 100% online and can be completed at any time and from anywhere.

Students receive wraparound support as they work through courses, including:

  • Active teacher facilitation and personalized feedback on written assignments
  • An academic coach to monitor pace and progress
  • 24/7 online tutoring

Subject matter experts (teachers) and instructional designers build our exceptional courses and curriculum and apply Quality Matters K-12 Online/Blended Rubric, which is mapped to the National Standards for Quality Online Learning. Quality Matters external evaluators reviewed and evaluated our approach to instructional design and individual courses for accuracy, completeness, freedom from bias, and quality of content delivery. All courses scored between 98-100% of the possible points!

We currently offer 29 ACE CREDIT-approved online courses and 30 NCAA-approved online courses so students can prepare for post-secondary education while they’re still in high school.

Our Re-Engagement Experts

Since 2007, we’ve been using data and best practices to re-engage at-risk and disengaged students. Using a multi-channel outreach strategy, we track down students who are unaccounted for and get them back on the path to graduation.

But re-engagement is more than just multi-channel outreach. It also requires reaching out to a variety of people in a student’s life, including their parents, grandparents, and emergency contacts. By tackling engagement holistically, our team has succeeded in re-engaging more than 150,000 students across the nation.

As a result of our dedication to providing alternative pathways to graduation for youth and adults, Graduation Alliance has been recognized as a Certified B Corporation and placed on the organization’s “Best for the World: List” for 2021. We are both honored and humbled to receive this distinction.

A partnership with Graduation Alliance is low risk for your district and a high reward for your students. Our pay-for-performance dropout recovery model ensures you’ll only invest in the services your students actually need and use.

Whether you have one student or 100, Graduation Alliance’s scalable services can be implemented as soon as the next business day, ensuring every student gets support when they need it the most.

Interested in learning how we can partner up to meet your district’s unique needs? Contact us today.