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Summer school tailored to fit your students’ needs

  • Joanna
  • May 4, 2021

Do you have summer plans for students who’ve fallen behind? As re-engagement experts, we’re ready to help your students get back on track for graduation!

Students are behind — now more than ever. This year, summer will be key in helping students continue onward. By partnering with Graduation Alliance, you’ll be able to customize your summer school offerings and accelerate learnings immediately. Whether you have 1 student or 100 students, you’ll have the support you need to help them set their sights on their educational goals once more.

At Graduation Alliance, we surround students with multiple layers of human support, including active teacher-led online courses. We offer a variety of individualized education solutions to help your students graduate on time and be a resource for your staff. Our services include:


  • Re-engagement: We help school districts identify and serve students who need extra support for attendance and class participation.
  • COVID-19 slide: The transition to virtual learning impacted students skills, grades and knowledge, and as re-engagement experts we can provide the interventions that get them back on track.
  • Credit recovery: When students fail classes, need support to meet graduation requirements after a transfer, or otherwise fall behind on credits, we provide the flexible and supportive online learning environment they need to get caught up.
  • Summer school: Whether it’s to help students get ahead, catch up, or take advantage of learning opportunities that they couldn’t access during the school year, we’re here to create meaningful learning experiences when school isn’t in session.
  • On-demand solutions: Not every student needs the same system, structure, and support. That’s why we provide leveled interventions aimed at ensuring students get what they actually need and districts never pay for programming students don’t use.
  • Dropout recovery: Students leave school before graduation for many reasons, but one thing is similar in most situations: They want to get back. In partnership with districts across the nation, we provide the 360 degrees of support they need to make that happen.