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National Month of Hope

  • Joanna
  • April 12, 2021

From “National Titanic Remembrance Day” to “National Window Safety Week,” there are so many holidays that no one could observe them all.

But there’s one obscure remembrance that we’re really coming to appreciation this year: April is the “National Month of Hope.”

The idea for this celebratory month came from a Florida-based non-profit that serves mothers in crisis. Today, after a year in which nearly everyone suffered from some degree of trauma, it feels like a good moment to celebrate our collective resilience and our shared desire for better days to come.

How does one begin to celebrate hope? We like the advice of tennis legend Arthurr Ashe:

“Start where you are.
Use what you have.
Do what you can.”

Educators can do this every day, simply by being a model for the power of hope. In these challenging times, students can really benefit from knowing that the teachers and administrators around them do believe that there is a light at the end of the tunnel, and the future is something to feel optimistic about.