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The clock is ticking for this year’s seniors

  • Joanna
  • March 18, 2021

Alex Harris knows there is little time to lose.

“It’s important to really drill into this question of learning loss,” he recently warned. “The longer we wait, the worse it’s going to be.”

Harris, who is the vice president of programs for the Harold K.L. Castle Foundation, which build’s resources for Hawaii’s future, was specifically speaking about the Aloha State, but he could have been talking about any state or community in the country.

According to a recent analysis, schools are facing a surge of failing grades during the pandemic — and many credit recovery approaches aren’t working. As many as one-third of students who enroll in credit recovery classes fail to earn credit. What’s more, researchers have found these approaches often don’t result in true learning.

But right now, with graduation just months away, the clock is ticking for millions of students across the nation.

There is no single solution to the challenges faced by every student. But credit recovery that is simply a less personal, sped-up version of a class a student has already failed is definitely NOT the answer. That’s why Graduation Alliance, in partnership with hundreds of school districts across the nation, ensures that students have access to robust personalized support, courses led by credentialed teachers who are experts in working with students who have fallen behind, and curriculum designed from the ground-up to help students catch up quickly.

Do your students need additional engagement support? Graduation Alliance is working with school leaders across the nation to provide attendance recovery services. Click here for more information.