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How to help credit-deficient seniors

  • Joanna
  • March 4, 2021

It’s a problem in communities across the country. In Houston, Texas, nearly half of all high school students received at least one failing grade in the first semester of the year. About 40 percent of high schoolers failed to receive credit for a class in St. Paul, Minnesota. And in Sonoma County, California, the number of students who were credit deficient by at least one class shot up to record levels.

Credit recovery alone isn’t the answer — because students who fail to earn credit in a mainstream class are also likely to struggle in credit recovery programs. The true solution is ensuring that students who have failed a class get the additional support they need to succeed.

That’s what Graduation Alliance does in partnership with hundreds of districts across the country. Our tiered system of support ensures districts don’t expend valuable resources on students who might have stumbled but have the resilience to overcome that challenge — thus making sure that students who do need lots of extra support get what they need to get back on track.

Learn more about our On-Demand Education Solutions and whether you have one student or one hundred you only pay for the services your student needs, when they need it.

Graduation Alliance partners with school districts, workforce agencies and various other organizations to help create alternative paths for individuals who need flexibility and support to earn a diploma. We understand each student needs an individual pathway to graduation and we are here to help. Click here for more information.