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Attendance Recovery Expansion

  • Joanna
  • January 12, 2021

Across the United States, students are struggling to attend both real and virtual classes. And the result is that more students are falling behind, failing classes, becoming credit deficient, and becoming at-risk of not graduating.

Now more than ever, students are in need of engagement support. This is why education leaders have partnered with Graduation Alliance to help students more meaningfully engage during this tumultuous time. These efforts are done through our Attendance Recovery program – ENGAGE.

Graduation Alliance is proud to announce we have expanded our Attendance Recovery program across the nation that now include: Arkansas, Los Angeles USD, Michigan, New Mexico, Ohio, and South Carolina. Through these programs, Graduation Alliance’s highly trained academic coaches are helping develop plans for success in challenging times, answering questions about technology and curriculum, and connecting students to additional community support networks.

The result? Improved attendance – and renewed hope for graduation and beyond. Read our case study with New Mexico PED.

Do your students need additional engagement support? Graduation Alliance is working with school leaders across the nation to provide attendance recovery services. Click here for more information.