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New Scholarships!

  • Joanna
  • September 11, 2019

Some of them left school to care for their children. Others were the victims of bullies. Some were physically sick or dealing with mental illness.

But no matter why they left school, the students who returned to school and earned diplomas with the help of Graduation Alliance had one thing in common: They didn’t give up on themselves.

Their supporters didn’t give up on them, either. From teachers and school administrators, to career-training partners and community leaders, to community colleges and local champions, the people who joined together to help build a true community-based alliance around each student are the real heroes. 

To honor their dedication, Graduation Alliance has provided 664 scholarships, since its inception in 2011, for students who are no longer being supported due to time limitations and “age out” laws in the locations in which we have statewide partnerships. Based on these time and age laws students wouldn’t have been able to continue their studies, which is why Graduation Alliance provided them with the opportunity to continue earning their diplomas at no cost.

But this is not a time to rest. Although more students earned diplomas, job skills certifications, and career credentials from Graduation Alliance this year than ever before, there are still millions of individuals who are in need of a flexible and supportive pathway to the sorts of education and career training opportunities that can truly change their lives for the better. 

Graduation Alliance helps schools create alternative paths for individuals who need flexibility and support to earn a diploma.