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New partnership with JFFLabs

  • Joanna
  • September 11, 2019

For 35 years, JFFLabs has studied and partnered with education providers across the nation, looking for high-impact instructional programs that – through focused design, strategic scaling, policy influence, and investment — it can help to grow.

Now, JFF will be working with Graduation Alliance, with an ambition to serve 1 million American adults without a high school diploma in coming years. 

“By identifying the right locations and pilot partners, we hope to not only scale adult high school diploma attainment, but also connect graduates to quality jobs, careers, and postsecondary education and training opportunities,” JFF’s managing director, Stephen Yadzinski, wrote in August

Working together, JFF and Graduation Alliance will strive to connect people with newly acquired high school diplomas to quality jobs and career pathways by creating opportunities for skill and credential attainment and devising impact-driven strategies that target specific geographic regions. 

The result, officials from both organizations believe, will be significant outcomes in terms of graduation rates, postsecondary certificate attainment, employment rates, wage gains and employee retention.

“Demand for our services has grown quickly, but we know we are still only meeting a very small part of the overall need,” said Grag Harp, Graduation Alliance’s chief development officer. “That’s why we’re so thrilled to be working with JFF. This partnership will ensure that we are able to make a true difference on a national scale.”


Graduation Alliance helps create alternative paths for individuals who need flexibility and support to earn a diploma.