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‘Their joy is my joy’

  • Joanna
  • August 27, 2019

Most of the students Ellyn works with have never had someone like her in their lives. 

“They sure don’t seem to know what to do with me at first,” the Graduation Alliance local advocate said with a laugh. “Some have worked with social workers, but for most this is a very new experience, and it can take some time to just build up the trust that is needed to be effective in their lives.” 

Alongside Graduation Alliance’s teachers, academic coaches, tutors, and other student support personnel, Ellyn works to help her students overcome the social 

Ellyn said her goal is to help the young people she works with see that they’re not just another student. “I want them to understand that I care for them as people,” she said. 

When they begin, Graduation Alliance students are sometimes years behind in their educational journeys. For these students, reaching small goals is vitally important for building momentum toward bigger goals, like graduation. 

“When they reach those goals, even if they are relatively small goals, it really is amazing to watch how doors begin to open in their lives and their confidence begins to grow,” Ellyn said. “And it makes me happy, too. Their joy is my joy.” 

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