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Graduation Alliance math teacher “shows you that you matter”

  • Joanna
  • August 27, 2019

Krsangi had never been good at math.

 That’s what she thought, at least. Then she met  April.

April, a Graduation Alliance math teacher, helps students across the country — students like Krsangi.

Krsangi was thriving in her English, science, history, and U.S. government courses. But when it came time to take an algebra course, she began to struggle. 

That’s when April came into her life. And Krsangi found that she not only had a math teacher who cared about her school work, but also about her as a person.

“She is very personal and she shows you that you matter,” Krsangi said. “However she can help you she always tries to find a way. “

Now, Krsangi said, “I feel more confident than I’ve ever felt in my life about math — I cannot express how amazing she is.” 

Students don’t have to wait for April to reach out. Anyone who needs immediate help can send her a chat message through Graduation Alliance’s online learning portal. Throughout the day, April also schedules online whiteboard sessions with individuals and groups of learners who need extra help mastering a concept.

April doesn’t believe that anyone is actually bad at math. Everyone, given the right support, can master mathematics, she said. 

“The more you work with a student, no matter who it is, the more they connect to the material,” said April, who has a bachelor’s degree and a teaching certificate in mathematics. “Everyone can understand math a lot better if they’re given a chance.” 

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