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Let us do Summer School for you

  • Joanna
  • May 21, 2019

Li wasn’t a bad student. She just had a hard time with algebra. As a result, she found herself at the end of her freshman year without the original credit she needed to stay on track for graduation.

One problem: There weren’t enough students who needed algebra to warrant a summer school class.

That’s where Graduation Alliance comes in.

Whether a class is needed by many students or just one, like Li, Graduation Alliance can provide the teacher-led courses students need to get back on track.

Whether or not you have a summer school program, Graduation Alliance can help ensure these students arrive on the other side of their vacations with the original credit they need to stay on track.

You don’t need to opt into an entire program to take advantage of our teacher-led online courses. When you use Graduation Alliance, you only pay for the courses your students actually use.


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