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Sick children shouldn’t have to suffer twice-over

  • Joanna
  • March 5, 2019

Know a student in your school like this?

Kat certainly didn’t want to be missing school. But after frequent visits to the doctor and lots of medical tests — almost all of which caused her to miss classes or entire days of school — she had been diagnosed with a health condition that required even more hospital stays and missed school days.

She wasn’t alone. According to researchers, at least 32 million U.S. children have at least one chronic health condition — and those conditions have a major impact on their changes of graduating on-time.

But Kat was determined to beat her disease – and her school leaders didn’t want that fight to interfere with her goal of graduating with her peers. That’s one of many reasons why school leaders across the nation are partnering with Graduation Alliance to help provide blended learning options for students who couldn’t always get to school.

That’s all it took to keep Kat on track. She’s still fighting, but she’s also 100 percent on-track for graduation. 


Do you want to prevent health problems from interfering with your students’ graduation goals? Graduation Alliance can help. Our tiered services are being used by schools across the nation to help students earn original credit with overcoming obstacles that keep them out of school. If you are a school district and would like more information, request our On-Demand Education Solutions brochure here.