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Give your hardest-to-serve students the wrap-around services they need

  • Joanna
  • March 5, 2019

A nexus of social-emotional challenges had already caused Li to drop out of school. To get him back on track for graduation, he was going to need more help — and a more individualized degree of help — than his school could offer. But Li knew — and his supporters knew – that he could succeed if given the right combination of flexibility and support.  

He wasn’t alone. According to researchers who study educational disengagement, only about a third of students who drop out of school do so because they are academically struggling.

That’s why Graduation Alliance works to help school leaders meet needs of students who cannot or will not return to a traditional classroom, with full-service dropout recovery programs that include re-engagement, social-emotional needs assessment, teachers specifically trained to work with at-risk students, personal academic coaching, 24-7 tutoring, local advocacy and 4G-enabled computers so that students like Li can engage in their studies anytime and anywhere.

It wasn’t easy, but that’s what it took to get Li to graduation.


Whether your graduation rate is in the low-70s or the high-90s, there are young men and women in your community who could benefit from a dropout recovery program. Graduation Alliance can help. We’ve partnered with hundreds of districts across the nation to re-engage students who have left school before earning a diploma, and give them the flexibility, support and interventions they need to get to graduation, and get ready for what’s next. If you are a school district interested in more information, request our On-Demand Education Solutions brochure here.