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Moving forward: An example of the power of resiliency

  • Joanna
  • February 13, 2019

There isn’t a school district in the United States that isn’t doing something to serve students who need more than standard instruction.

“There are trained special educators for students whose disabilities get in the way of their learning,” the editors of EdWeek noted Teaching Vulnerable Students “There are special programs for English-language learners, gifted-education services for academically talented children, and targeted funds to support schools educating high numbers of children living in poverty.”

Yet all of that still doesn’t catch every child who needs help, the editors have noted.

They asked: “What about the homeless child who also needs special education services? The student caught in the juvenile justice system? The immigrant child living in fear of deportation?”

There is no single program that can address every student’s needs. But there is something you can do to help every student no matter what their needs are: Teach resilience.

No matter who they are, and no matter what their struggles are, every student can benefit from developing their resiliency skills. Because whether a student is heading to the Ivy League (where students are facing a crisis of “achievement pressure,” according Harvard psychologist Richard Weissbourd) or is just struggling to earn their high school diploma (a goal that many students fail to reach not because life circumstances push school lower on their list of priorities) stronger resilience means more success.


Do you want to help your students develop resiliency? You can learn more about Graduation Alliance’s social-emotional learning assessment and curriculum, ScholarCentric, here.