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Education’s digital revolution: It was never just about ‘digitalness’

  • Joanna
  • January 24, 2019

“So when do I get my username and password?”

That’s a common question for new students in Graduation Alliance programs. And it’s an important one. In the world of digital education, usernames and passwords are the keys that unlock the school building.

And while keys are unquestionably important, they don’t matter much if there’s nothing more than online classes behind the lock.

Don’t get us wrong: We’re proud of the technology upon which we’ve built our services. Our designers, programmers and tech support specialists work tirelessly on behalf of the students we serve. But while what we do is facilitated by technology, it doesn’t work without human support — a truly “blended” experience.

In all of our programs our teachers are the foundation of our individualized student support. Teacher support is critical in success which why our student-centered learning model with teacher facilitation includes teacher-curated curriculum, teacher-facilitated discussions, and teacher feedback.

Some of our programs also include personal academic coaches, 24-7 online tutors, and local advocates based on the needs of the student. In over a decade of working with at-risk students we know hands down that human support makes all the difference in the success of the student.

That’s why working together along with program liaisons, support staff and tech support, these individuals, our robust staff, surround our students with 360 degrees of support.

Would you like to know more about the multiple layers of support we offer our students? <link to download>You can click here for an infographic that shows how building a network of support ensures no student ever has to face their educational challenges alone.