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As the New Year begins, we look back at what we’ve accomplished in 2018

  • Joanna
  • January 10, 2019

This New Year, we’re taking stock of what we’ve done over the past 12 months — and feeling proud of what we’ve accomplished including the celebration of 1,890 graduates!

In districts across the United States, we continued our dropout recovery partnerships, and started a lot of new ones, too — giving thousands of young people a second chance at success.

We launched a lot of new alternative learning programs, including online, blended, school-within-a-school, and academy-model partnerships with school districts whose leaders care about creating multiple pathways to graduation.

Meanwhile, students in schools across the United States are taking core and elective classes from our extensive course catalog, giving them a chance to make up a course, get ahead, and even study subjects that might not otherwise be available to them in their home schools.

We’ve worked to bring our social emotional learning assessments and curriculum to more schools, helping students develop the resilience they need to overcome the non-academic obstacles that are often to blame for derailing their school performance.

Our college and career planning tools are being used by students across the nation to explore multiple post-secondary paths, giving students the academic and financial planning support necessary to take the next step.

And finally, we’ve been leading the way in building industry-recognized credentialing, workforce readiness, and employment pathway programs that help students begin moving toward careers that pay living wages in in-demand fields.

We sure were busy in 2018 — and we’re proud of what we’ve been doing. But we’re not satisfied, because there are still a lot of Americans who haven’t yet gotten an equitable opportunity to reach their graduation goal. And so our New Year’s resolution is simple: We’re going to keep working, every day, to make sure that everyone has a path to a diploma and everything they need for what’s next.

In 2019, we will continue to set new records, and offer more solutions to advance student lives including our newest On-Demand Education Solutions, which gives school districts the flexibility to provide tools to each student individually. Contact us to learn more.