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‘I am more focused and motivated to succeed’

  • Joanna
  • November 28, 2018

Madeline wasn’t convinced a traditional high school was quite right for her. When her boyfriend suggested she try Graduation Alliance, as he had, she took after his hard-working example.

In high school I had trouble focusing. It was hectic and I just wanted to have fun,” Madeline said. “With Graduation Alliance I can do my work whenever, and it keeps me more motivated.”

The academic coaches at Graduation Alliance were a big part of Madeline’s journey to earning her high school diploma.

“I really struggled with math in a traditional high school,” she said. “The academic coaches were really helpful and always there to motivate me. The setup of the program allowed me to see my progress and everything I needed to graduate.”

Madeline plans to study aquarium science at a local community college, then marine biology at a major university.

“Now that I have my diploma,” she said, “I am more focused and motivated to succeed in life.”


Graduation Alliance works with school leaders across the nation to provide alternative paths for students. You can learn more here.