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‘I could not get that job without a high school diploma’

  • Joanna
  • November 14, 2018

Jordan was ready to start his career and leave school forever. The problem? He hadn’t yet earned a high school diploma.

“School itself was my biggest challenge,” Jordan said. “Just having to work on someone else’s schedule was hard. I couldn’t found time.”

When a counselor in his traditional high school told him about opportunities to complete classes online, on his own schedule, with Graduation Alliance, Jordan said he thought it sounded like a great opportunity, and called to get started.

“Once I was able to work on school work on my time, I was able to get a lot more done,” he said. “At Graduation Alliance, I liked it all—I felt comfortable. My academic coach, Audrey, really helped me stay focused.”

A diploma has already helped Jordan start his career.

“Now that I have my diploma, I am now more focused and can to move on with my life and into adulthood,” Jordan said. “I found a union job installing heavy machinery as a millwright. I could not get that job without a high school diploma.”


Graduation Alliance helps school leaders create new path for students who are struggling to complete high school. You can learn more here.