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How is ScholarCentric different from what you may be doing in your school today?

  • Rob Noroian
  • April 19, 2018

As we travel across the nation, working with school leaders to give students more pathways to graduation, career training and college, one thing has become very clear: There aren’t many districts left that don’t already have multiple initiatives for helping students succeed.

We’ve yet to meet a single administrator, though, who thinks they’ve got the perfect solution for every student.

That’s because there is no perfect solution. Every student is different. Their challenges are different. Their needs are different.

As long as it’s working, whatever you’re doing to help students is to be commended. We don’t want to change any of that.

But until there isn’t a single student leaving school before graduation day, we want to help you identify more ways to support more students.

Take ScholarCentric, for instance. Based on 20 years of longitudinal research into student resilience, our social emotional learning assessment and curriculum tool can help identify at-risk students up to three years before they show acute signs of struggle, and give them the support they need to develop the skills to overcome those obstacles when they arrive.

ScholarCentric isn’t a replacement for programs that address acute needs. But it can help alleviate the strain on those programs by identifying students who need help early on — just like preventative medicine keeps people out of the emergency room.  

Whether or not you are already doing something to help your students develop social-emotional learning skills, we’d be grateful for an opportunity to tell you how ScholarCentric can help even more students make and reach their academic and career goals.