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When it takes more than Google to find dropouts

  • Rob Noroian
  • June 19, 2017

You can learn anything and everything about people online. That’s what society seems to be telling us these days, at least.

But after a decade of helping school districts locate, re-enroll, re-engage and educate disengaged students, we’ve learned that sometimes the internet can’t even help us find missing students. And in talking to the school leaders we work with across the nation, we heard a separate but similar concern; often, when they go looking for alumni for the purpose of understanding long-term outcomes, they simply can’t find their former students.

As part of our latest guide on building connections with students, we suggest that while the digital world has given us a lot of good tools for locating former students, sometimes it takes a decidedly more analog approach to find everyone. In “Building Connections for Long-term Student Engagement,” we expand on that observation, and offer seven more, for school leaders who want to be able to find former students for any number of reasons.

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