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Boys & Girls Clubs of South Valley partners with Graduation Alliance to help at-risk students

  • Joanna
  • December 3, 2014

SALT LAKE CITY, Dec. 3, 2014 — The Boys & Girls Clubs of South Valley has recently partnered with Graduation Alliance to provide a new program to help at-risk students, as well as those who have left school before graduation, to earn their high school diploma.

The program, funded by grant money from The Caldwell Family Foundation, will initially open 10 seats to students from the South Salt Lake area who need additional academic and social support to reach graduation.

Participants in the program will be enrolled in online courses that meet the graduation requirements of their high school. Participants will receive one-on-one support and a structured environment to focus on their school work at the Midvale and Murray Boys & Girls Clubs. Graduation Alliance will provide the courses, tutors, teachers and mentoring the students need to advance in earning their diplomas.

“The partnership between Graduation Alliance and Boys & Girls Clubs of South Valley will provide students with the additional face-to-face time and academic support they need in order to be successful,” said Kim Kelley, director of strategic programs at Graduation Alliance. “We’ve seen how this can change lives, and we’re eager to do that in Utah.”

Founded in Salt Lake City, Graduation Alliance works with thousands of at-risk students across the country to provide the flexibility, social support and academic interventions they need to earn a high school diploma and successfully transition to college and career training.

“Boys & Girls Clubs of South Valley has a mission to help each student in our program graduate high school with a diploma,” said Machelle Lake, Director of Special Events and Communications. “This new partnership with Graduation Alliance brings together two organizations that share that common mission, benefitting the student and the community.”

One such student is Daniel C., who was forced to leave high school last year due to multiple interstate family moves. The 17 year old now comes to The Club every day to work on earning his high school diploma. His goal is to be able to graduate with his class next spring. “Getting my diploma will give me the opportunity for a better future,” Daniel said.

“We’ve been working outside of Utah for several years now, and we are excited for the new partnership with Boys & Girls Clubs because it has opened doors for us to help students in our own neighborhood,” Graduation Alliance CEO Ray Kelly said. “This has been a long time coming, and we are eager to begin working with these students who need additional support due to life circumstances.”

About Graduation Alliance

Since 2007, Graduation Alliance has specialized in creating learning environments for underserved student populations, crafting curriculum strong in career and technical education, and facilitating academic mentorship programs for a diversity of learners. For more information visit

About Boys & Girls Clubs of South Valley

Affiliated with Boys & Girls Clubs of America, the Boys & Girls Clubs of South Valley (BGCSV) was founded in 1967. The Club serves and promotes life-changing experiences for all children, especially those at risk. These kids are at risk for drug and alcohol exposure and abuse, at risk to witness or experience physical violence, at risk to encounter food instability and at risk to be introduced to gangs. The Boys & Girls Clubs of South Valley has worked tirelessly to ensure that success, hope and opportunity is within reach of every youth and family that enters their doors. BGCSV has nearly 3,000 registered members in 8 locations and 10 age-appropriate programs each year. Club locations are in Murray and Midvale, and additional programs operate after school at elementary schools in Midvale, Kearns and Sandy. As the largest and oldest Boys & Girls Club in the State of Utah, hundreds of thousands of youth and families have passed through the doors of BGCSV Clubs over the past 47 years. In addition, the Boys & Girls Clubs of South Valley reaches nearly 48,000 youth through their outreach and community service programs. Visit for more information.

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