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Middle School Platform

Powering a vision for life during and after high school


A smooth transition from middle to high school is a critical component of long-term student success, yet too many students have no vision of their life past middle school. That’s in part because middle school can feel like an island1, connected only distantly to the academic archipelago of elementary school, high school and beyond. All too often students find themselves ill-prepared to hit the ground running as freshmen. They’re not yet familiar with their curricular options — or how those options fit into larger life goals.


Guiding students through a series of introspective activities designed specifically for the middle grades, Graduation Alliance’s Middle School Platform promotes an early awareness of the key education and career concepts needed to begin planning for life during and after high school.


While exploring “Who Am I?” and “Where Am I Going?” students begin to learn how their personal characteristics, interests and aptitudes are related to potential careers. Further investigation of the question “Am I Ready for the Future?” connects the dots back to required high school coursework and skill-building. Elements of Graduation Alliance’s Middle School Platform include:


  • Interactive quizzes, heuristics and activities to support early, personal exploration  of likes, dislikes, strengths, weaknesses, values and personality traits which serve as a baseline for career recommendations
  • Visualization and goal-setting exercises to increase awareness of the connection between today’s academic life and tomorrow’s aspirations
  • Health, wellness and self-efficacy modules highlighting the linkages between social-emotional health, resiliency and transitions to high school and beyond
  • Integrated tools for high school and beyond planning


Students engaged through the Graduation Alliance middle school platform aren’t just better aware of their strengths and weaknesses — they’re equipped with the information necessary to begin making important decisions about their future.

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