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High School Platform

Individualizing education and career planning, one student at a time


Across the United States today, middle-skilled and specialized positions require increasingly complex combinations of education and training. As a result, the need for every high school student to understand the diversity of options and carefully plot their education trajectory has never been greater.


But in an era of doing more with less — in which the ratio of professional school counselors to students diminishes year over year — individualized postsecondary planning is a luxury too few students enjoy. That’s why Graduation Alliance partners with state agencies, non-profits and school districts nationwide to implement scalable alternatives to traditional exploration and planning practices.


Often times students work diligently toward a single postsecondary goal only to find the coursework they’ve completed or skills they’ve developed are no longer relevant. Graduation Alliance’s high school platform empowers students to explore multiple education and career pathways in real-time, highlighting their achievements and gaps to goals each step of the way. Key features of include:


  • Guided, personalized searches for exploration of pathways and careers within the National Career Clusters® framework
  • Interactive college searches contextualizing information like programs of study, distance from home, size and dozens of additional factors
  • Comparison tools with visual indications of personal achievements and gaps based on the requirements of more than 4,200 postsecondary institutions and more than 1,000 careers
  • Test preparation resources from practice exams to test-taking tips and tricks
  • College financing tools from Expected Family Contribution estimators to total cost and quality-of-life calculators
  • Research-based, grade-specific task completion wizards
  • Integrated Learning Plans benchmarking individual progress against local graduation requirements, career ambitions and postsecondary education goals


Exploration & Planning

Our exploration and education planning platform incorporates a robust set of tools and resources that empower students to build individualized pathways and make informed decisions for their future.