Credit Recovery and Accrual

Offering more than 200 flexible core and elective courses from Pre-Algebra to Navajo Language.


Research shows that when students fall behind in successful course1 completions, their chances of graduating immediately plummet. But making up credits inside a traditional brick-and-mortar, semester-based setting can be an insurmountable challenge for students already facing myriad life obstacles. That’s why, since 2009, Graduation Alliance has worked with state and local secondary partners to deliver core and elective coursework online.


Boasting a robust catalog of more than 200 courses, Graduation Alliance supports middle and high school students nationwide who have fallen off-track or are working behind grade level. Partnering districts often leverage Graduation Alliance’s diverse course set to expand existing course offerings for students who are on-track but interested in niche subject-matter. Whether it’s Pre-Algebra or Navajo Language, every course is standards-based and delivered by highly qualified teachers.


Additional benefits of the Graduation Alliance Credit Recovery & Accrual solution include:


  • Time and place flexibility, allowing students to stop and start classes at a moment’s notice without falling behind — a vital differentiator for students facing health problems and other hardships that make continuous classes a challenge.
  • Optional wireless-enabled laptop computers.
  • 24/7 access to expert tutors.
  • Billing only for the courses students take, ensuring districts a cost-effective solution to credit-recovery needs.


Graduation Alliance learners have completed more than 39,000 courses — with a pass rate of greater than 97 percent. But successful students are united on this point: Graduation Alliance isn’t an easy path to a diploma. It’s simply the path that offered the combination of flexibility and support they needed to reach their academic goals.



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"It turned out amazing!"

Graduation Alliance graduate and college student Lana shares her experience as a high school student and how Graduation Alliance prepared her for college.