Experience that counts


Since 2007, Graduation Alliance has given school districts across the nation the resources and support needed to serve students for whom life obstacles have prevented prior academic success.


Graduation Alliance provides its members with:


• Enrollment counselors

• Academic coaches

• Local student advocates

• Licensed teachers

• 24/7 tutors

• Career and college transition counselors

• Program principal and administrators


Graduation Alliance is focused on student success. Our dropout recovery solution is pay-for-performance; districts don’t pay for these services unless students are making adequate monthly progress toward their graduation goals as defined by state law and district policy.


Partnerships that matter

Graduation Alliance is accredited by the Northwest Accreditation Commission, a division of AdvancEd. Its leadership team includes education pioneers, teachers, school administrators and social entrepreneurs who are frequent presenters at education conferences around the world. Graduation Alliance also is a recognized partner of the America’s Promise Alliance and its chief executive officer, Ray Kelly, sits on that organization’s board of trustees.


Using research-based strategies, Graduation Alliance has reached hard-to-find students across the United States and provided them with the flexibility and support they need to reach their graduation goals.


Graduation Alliance has helped school districts across the country create pathways to graduation for their students. Is your district ready to join the Alliance? Call 855.486.8855.


For more information about Graduation Alliance, see our team and press pages.