From the moment you join, Graduation Alliance is working for you.


School Leaders

If you’re a school leader, Graduation Alliance is a network of people who understand and share your goals for serving dropouts and those at risk of dropping out — helping more students get to graduation day by complementing your current alternative programs, following best practices and serving students whose life obstacles have impeded previous academic success.



If you’re a student, Graduation Alliance is a team of mentors, teachers and tutors, all dedicated to giving you the flexibility and support you need to get to graduation day — helping you get back on track and stay on pace for graduation.


Alliance Partners

Graduation Alliance partner districts are located across the United States in urban, suburban and rural communities. Alliance students are from a wide range of social, economic, cultural and academic backgrounds.

Together, we all share one goal: Getting dropouts across the finish line.


Together, we reach.


Partner Profile

There was a time in which only about 50 percent of the students in Washington’s Sunnyside School District were graduating on time.


Today, the number is 75 percent. Learn more about how our partnership with Sunnyside helped to turn things around.